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Rules of the Judicial Council



All petitions shall be submitted to the President of the council as listed in the "Star of Zion." The petition will be screened and a determination of merit made.  If the petition is meritorious, the Clerk shall notify the opposing party that the petition has been filed and docket matter for hearing.




1.  Any appeal must be filed within thirty (30) days of a decision being appealed.  Such appeals shall be in writing and in the form of a petition to the council setting forth the facts and the law as it applies to those facts.


2.  The petition shall name all persons or bodies from whom the appeal was taken and any authorities on which such person or bodies rely for this appeal.




1.  When a declaratory decision is sought, there must be a substantial question involved.  There must be an event or events which trigger the request for such decision, and there must be a demonstrated effect upon the individual or group seeking the declaratory judgment.


2.  When a declaratory decision is sought, any person(s) or bodies who have or claim to have any interest which would be affected by the decision shall be parties to the proceedings and the petition shall name such a party.  If the council determines that other parties not named would be affected, such additional parties shall also be added, and the petitioner shall be required to serve all parties so joined with a copy of the original petition.  All parties affected shall have the right to serve additional briefs before the council.  In addition, either party shall be entitled to be represented before the council and in its consideration of the petition.


3.  The Judicial council shall have the power to invite other opinions in writing while considering any matter before it. The Judicial council shall determine whether the petition coming before it has merit.


4.  Opinions of the Judicial Council shall be published in the "Star of Zion" within thirty (30) days after the opinion has been rendered.  The Judicial Council by its Clerk shall keep a digest of all such opinions and the same may be made available.

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